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TAX Audit and CA Firms in Bangalore

RETA  Audit and Assurance Solutions help clients not only achieve their regulatory objective as an attest function but also achieve over the business objective from an accounting and financial perspective. As part of Attest function we also offer sector wise in depth analysis of financials surrounding the business environment. Tax Audit is an Audit under Incomet Tax Act,1962. It is Mandatory for whose turnover exceeds Rs. 1 core in the previous year And 50L in case of Professionals. Audit Report shall be given by chartered Accountant.

A Audit is an assessment of your government form by the IRS to check that your salary and conclusions are exact. A TAX review is the point at which the IRS chooses to look at your expense form somewhat more intently and check that your pay and findings are exact.

​​​​The dictionary meaning of the expression “audit” is check, survey, investigation, and so forth. There are different sorts of reviews endorsed under various laws like organization law requires an organization review, cost bookkeeping law requires a cost review, and so forth. The Income-charge Law requires the citizen to get the review of the records of his business/calling from the view purpose of Income-charge Law.

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