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Profession tax is a direct tax levied on all kinds of professions, trades and employment in proportion to the income of the individual. 

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Professional TAX Registration Consultant

Profession tax may be a tax levied on all types of professions, trades, and employment in proportion to the income of the individual. Since the profession tax falls under the ambit of the state governments as per article 276 of the constitution, it varies from state to state. There are many nations in India that don’t even levy the profession tax. However, the upper limit of the profession tax is Rs.2500. Profession tax paid by a private is eligible for a tax deduction as per the Tax Act, 1961. Self-employed individuals can pay the profession tax annually or monthly on their own. But the employer deducts the tax from the salary of salaried employees. However, so as to pay the profession tax (if applicable), you would like to register first then only you’ll deposit it to the concerned authority.


Individuals earning Rs.15,000 or more per month are susceptible to pay the professional tax in Karnataka under the Karnataka Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments Act, 1976. If you’re a salaried individual having a salary quite Rs.15,000 then you’re required to pay Rs.200 per month. If you’re a legal or medical man or knowledgeable consultant then the professional tax depends on the tenure of your service. The Karnataka government has developed an internet site dedicated to the professional tax named as e-Prerana. you’ll enroll yourself here for the professional tax payment and also pay it online. you’ll also attend the web site for any quite further information associated with the profession tax in Karnataka.

Employer Registration

  • Go to the E-Prerana website.
  • Within the left-hand bar, click on the ‘New RC Request’ under the e-services section.
  • Kindly fill within the basic details. Like the constitution of business, business type, name of the firm, PAN, address and other such details. The legal name of the firm and therefore the name registered within the PAN must match
  • PT office depends on the situation (PIN number) of your office. If you don’t realize the PT office applicable to you, please click here to understand your PT office
  • Enter the enrolment number of your Enrolment Certificate obtained under the provisions of the Profession Tax Act, if it’s available
  • If the applicant may be a registered taxpayer under the Karnataka Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017, the 15 digit Goods and Services Tax Number (GSTIN) shall be entered
  • If the applicant may be a registered dealer under the provisions of Karnataka nuisance tax Act, 1957 (dealing in petroleum products like Petroleum Crude, Petrol, Diesel, ATF and Natural Gas) the license number under KST and CST shall be entered
  • you’ll verify your credentials by either providing the aadhaar card details or through the OTP sent to your mobile. it’s not mandatory to supply the aadhaar details
  • Now, you would like to pick your designation within the company from the sink menu given within the Status of the Applicant within the Firm’ option and upload the



following documents:

  1. Photograph of Proprietor, Partner, Director, Authorized Person;
  2. Constitutions of Business: Registration of Incorporation, Deed of Partnership firm, Registration Certificate, etc. as applicable;
  3. Proof of Principal Place of Business; and

4. checking account Related Proof. After uploading the documents submit the appliance and therefore the computer would generate a registration certificate with a singular number. The username and password would be sent to the registered mobile number.

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