Private Limited Company Registration in Bangalore

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Private Limited Company Registration in Bangalore

A Private Limited Company Registration in Bangalore is a separate legal entity formed under companies act, 2013. Private limited company can be formed with ZERO capital. It requires minimum of 2 members but can be as many as 200. It also requires Minimum 2 Directors.
Registration services includes:
  Preparation of MOA, AOA

  DSC for 2 Directors with 2 years validity

  DIN for 2 Directors


Characteristics of Private Limited Company:

1. The Companies act, 2013 prohibits private limited company from accepting money from public in form of loans or deposits. It can borrow money from Financial Institutions or Banks.

2. As per companies act, 2013 a private limited company needs to appoint at least 2 directors and no need to appoint any independent directors.

3. As per companies act, 2013 liability of shareholders of the company is limited to the amount of shares held by them. Unlike Partnership firm there will be no risk on the assets of the shareholder.
Private Limited Company Registration in Bangalore

Required Documents for registering a company:

ID Proof of Directors
(Driving License/ Voter ID/ Passport)

Address Proof of Directors

Aadhaar and Pan of Directors

Rental Agreement & Utiliy Bill
(For registered address of company)

Legal Compliances Of The Private Limited Company

Companies Act, 2013:

1.   Every Private limited company shall appoint a Chartered Accountant as auditor in Annual General Meeting and financial statements shall be audited by them.

2.   In every financial year a private limited company shall conduct at least 4 board meetings. There should not be more than 120days gap between the 2 board meetings.

3.   A Company shall file Annual return (MGT-7) with in 60days from the date of annual general meeting. And also to be file financial statements (AOC-4) with in 30days from the date of AGM.

Income tax act, 1961:

1.   As per income tax act 1961, every company shall file income tax return before due date. In generally due date is 30th Sep.

2.   If turnover of the company exceeds 1 crore, it shall comply with 44AB (Tax Audit) as per income tax 1961 by a Chartered Accountant.

  • In addition to above compliance, a one person company may also require complying with TDS regulations, GST regulations, PF and ESI regulations and others based on the requirements.

Major Compliances for a Private Limited Company

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